To put on jewelry is a confrontation to evoke individuals' beauty. 

It is a sign of an endless inner-evolution, for those who remain brave to be beautiful, and to remain beautiful to be brave. 

Epistémie was born in Paris in 2016 by an artist Sachiko Takimura, an origin of Kyoto, Japan. She has explored her earlier life as a dance artist in New York City, where she remarks as to be at the mid center of artistic and cultural crossing. 

Having a source of inspiration firmly rooted in her native land of Japan, honing her artistry in New York City allowed her to cultivate her own aesthetics and sense of wander. 

The arrival in Paris in 2015 gave her an impetus to link all her senses into creating jewelry, which also has been one of her longing passion for a long time. 

Each piece handcrafted by her articulates the essence of her dimensions, narration and encouragement for all the explorers to wander into the unknown for the discovery of their true beauty. 

The summer in 2018, she relocated the atelier in Kyoto, Japan. Her exploration of life will continue.